WHat is the crossroads Foundation?

The Crossroads Foundation is an Illinois registered 501C.3 Organization.  We establish local free fitness groups focusing on achieving our own personal goals so we can help our community achieve their goals.

We believe that human beings are meant to work together and by doing so can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Together we can get Fitter. 
Together we can reach goals Faster. 
Together we can go Farther!

The Crossroads Foundation exists to serve the people and organizations in the towns of Plainfield, Oswego, Shorewood, Yorkville IL and the surrounding areas.


We believe that before we can make an impact in our community we have to make a personal commitemnt to be Fitter. Through fitness we find strength.


Together our members use our fitness to reach our goals and the goals of our community Faster. We know we are best when working together.


Together as a Foundation we believe we can reach beyond ourselves and take our community Farther than would be typically considered possible.

F3 Classic City is launching August 29th!

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